Control outdoor lighting via Bluetooth by presence detection


I’m looking for a way to switch on the light in the driveway when someone comes home by car.
So far, Home Assistant recognises the change in the presence of the respective smartphone in the WLAN and then controls a Shelly Plus 1 PM to which the light is connected.
The problem is that the presence detection works quite slowly or late. This is either due to the weak WLAN or the car is shielding it too well.

I recently got a Nuki Smart Lock, which notifies my smartphone via Bluetooth when I’m still a long way away (20 metres or more).
That’s why my idea was to realise presence detection via Bluetooth. Would this be a good option? If so, can anyone recommend compatible hardware?

I have Home Assistant running as a Docker on my Synology NAS, so the direct connection of a USB device is rather unpractical.

Many thanks in advance.