Control over automatic updates

Many people do not like to take the first update each month. They wait for three or four patches before updating. Since Home Assistant is about automating, this should be automated in Home Assistant. Some ideas of what could be added:

Automatically update to the y.m.x version or higher. The user specifies a value for .x, say 4. Then they would not get 2024.2.0, 2024.2.1, or 2024.2.3. But they would get any version after that. If a month only has up to a .3, they would skip that month.

Automatically update after x% of the users have updated. Once the percent count hits x%, it waits a random time, then waits until the specified update time, and then updates. I expect that a lot of people might select the same value for x. So waiting a random time will spread them out a bit.

You may also want to identify one release a year as a stable release. Potentially, after it has been in use for a certain amount of time and for a percent of users. Let’s say the last release in June of each year is identified as stable after two months. Some users may elect to only upgrade once a year to the stable release. Maybe a year is too long and a quarter is better.

There may be better options.

Updating without reading the release notes is a bad idea.

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Also, closing this as a duplicate.

There is a method to automatically break your installation suggested here