Control phone's bluetooth connection to devices

I am looking to have automations that will make my phone connect/disconnect to/from specific devices using bluetooth connection. I suspect this has to be done via intent notifications. But I am definitely lost in my search.

Anybody knows if this is possible (I have samsung phone with Android 10) and how?

A use case scenario is to connect to my car or some speakers in my home, depending on my activity, then starting a routine, and disconnect after the routine.

There is an existing feature request for this.

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So should I understand that there’s no known way around in the meantime?

you can always use tasker as a workaround, send a broadcast intent from the app using a notification command to tasker. Then in tasker listen for that event and setup your automation that way.

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Thank you for your answer. I may look up for that way of doing it, despite that I turned to Home Assistant in order to get away from Tasker.
Have a good day.

there will always be things that Tasker will do better than the HA app can do, combining the 2 apps will allow you to do everything.

It looks like this will be a fight with Google then and HA will probably loose.
Until Android 13 it was possible, but then Google shut it down.

you are referring to turning bluetooth on/off which indeed that change in android 13, this request in particular is to change the connecting BT device which is not the same :slight_smile:

I don’t wish to to divert the subject out of HA here. But for people who stumble on this thread and are tempted by Tasker, you may find Macrodroid a more user friendly alternative.

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I read that it was not possible to make a connection too, but it seems that if the device is already bonded (paired) then it is possible, otherwise the same security issues arise as with enabling/disabling BT.