Control Relay with HomeAssistant, Flashed Sonoff RF bridge...RF receiver and Arduino UNO

Hi All- I am facing problem to configure my relay switch with via RF. I have a RF receiver connected to relay via Arduino Uno module. I am able to turn on and off relay using a arduino code with Sonoff remote. I wanted the control via Homeassistant switch so i bought a Sonoff RF bridge, flashed with Tasmota, enabled MQTT, but i am not able to control or configure HA switch to pass the load to turn on an off. I have gone through so many threads but not able to nail this, any one has a clear steps. Many thanks. One thing i have noticed is via control with Remote the RF code is hex code while what i see in Sonoff bridge is Decimal code…Although i tried permutation and combination in payload…nothing works…heellpppppp

this mite help

Thanks stephen - i did try this, but i am getting a switch state which is dictated by sensor so i have to use remote always. I dont want to use the remote instead toggle of switch in HA to operate,

so what happens

when you use the services call

in the Developer tools

remember to match the topic to your topic

and the code to your code.

Just had a brain fart

in the console of the rf you see something like

MQT: tele/tasmota/RESULT = {"Time":"2020-05-27T18:59:06","RfReceived":{"Data":"0x7028D2","Bits":24,"Protocol":1,"Pulse":238}}



is the data you want to send back to the rf bridge

try this

I see this in my sonoff rf console, not sure why there is difference in format

17:03:36.098 MQT: tele/rf-bridge/RESULT = {“Time”:“2021-09-10T17:03:36”,“RfReceived”:{“Sync”:7640,“Low”:270,“High”:750,“Data”:“768858”,“RfKey”:“None”}}

I am finally able to publish via a switch in HA

This is what i could come up with

  • platform: mqtt
    name: “Bathroom Light”
    command_topic: “cmnd/rf-bridge/Backlog”
    availability_topic: “tele/rf-bridge/LWT”
    payload_available: “Online”
    payload_not_available: “Offline”
    state_topic: “tele/rf-bridge/RESULT”
    value_template: ‘{{value_json.RfCode}}’
    payload_on: “RfSync 7640; RfLow 270; RfHigh 750; RfCode #768851
    payload_off: “RfSync 7640; RfLow 270; RfHigh 750; RfCode #768852
    state_on: “#768851
    state_off: “#768852
    optimistic: true
    retain: false
    qos: 2

Now i am having brain struggle to get a adruino nano code going to get the relays working. I am using Adruino Nano with RF reciever . Figured out that i need to use rc-switch library but since i am noob in programming - not able to figure out code. :grimacing: :exploding_head:… so pointer will help

Can any one direct me to Arduino code?