Control Schlage Sense Smart Locks using Home Assistant?

Hello everyone,
First of all, I am pretty new to Home Assistant so thank you for your patience in advance
I have 2 Schlage Sense smart locks, currently installed and working fine with Apple Homekit app via Apple TV using, I believe, low energy bluetooth.
I want to integrate these Schlage Sense lock into the Home Assistant so that I can control these locks using Home Assistant instead of Apple Homekit app.

Since Home Assistant does not natively support lock using bluetooth, I’ve searched the forum and found some threads suggested to create an input_boolean and update the state using the Homekit app. They also said that this input_boolen will not show up in Home Assistant but will show up in Apple Homekit app?
example of the the boolean, added into the configuration.yaml

name: Dummy Lock Switch
initial: off
icon: mdi:Door

But I want to control the locks using Home Assistant front end, for example, I want create a button and link it to the Switch of this lock so that I can close/open the lock, or I can querry the states of this lock in Home Assistant, just like I could with other brand (like Yale lock by August Connect)

I know that I can expose Apple Homekit app to Home Assistant using the Homekit Integration. But, lots of the stuff on Apple Homekit app have already been on Home Assistant so I don’t want to create another duplicates, it’s just confusing…

Has anyone done this before and would kindly offer step-by-step instruction?

Thank you very much for your time