Control size of card in lovelace

Forgive a noob for asking what I’m sure is a noob question but my Google-Fu has not been able to discover a solution.
I have a lovelace view, I have placed a picture elements card and directed it to my desired image in my www folder.
When I save it the image is huge on the screen and I am unable to see the entire image without scrolling.
I have been able to reduce the size of the image by using the horizontal stack card and creating some empty columns next to my picture but this solution does not offer a fine level of control.
Ideally I’d like to have my image span 90% of the available screen real estate.
Is there a way that I can control the height (or width) of a card to a percentage of the screen?

Thomas Loven probably have a custom card for it :slight_smile:

You want it to detect the screen size of the device too and adapt accordingly.
I’m surprised your image isn’t scaled automatically.
My floorplan is 3000 px wide and it fits nicely on our 1920 screen.

Yeah, I’m also trying to figure out how to adapt a lovelace view based on device display size.
I understand Thomas Loven may have created the solution for this but I’m still investigating how to get that going.
My floorplan also scales fine, I think the issue is that this image is much taller than it is wide and since it takes up the full width of the column in which it is placed it ends up being taller than the display.
The image is of a remote controller.