Control space heater with Home Assistant

I am looking for a space heater for my office that I can control via HA. I am OK plugging it into a smart outlet, and use a zwave sensor to turn on/off based on temperature sensor.

The issue is I cannot find a space heater that starts when power is resumed, most just power on and you have to manually press a button to start the heater.

I need some that start heating when power is resume.

Any ideas/recommendations? Perhaps there is a technique I am not thinking of?

Not sure where you’re based, but in Australia we have oil column heaters. Usually physical toggle switches that stay on

I have used one of those types of heaters with a smart switch to remotely turn on/off the heater. It works exactly like you’d want (i.e. heats when power resumed).

You need to look for one with a specific control knob that has positions of off or on - and usually has additional options like fan only, low heat and high heat. And then it typically has another knob for setting the thermostat temperature to achieve. It will then auto shutoff when desired temp is reached.

I’d also look for one with auto shutoff if tipped over, overheat protection, etc.

Be careful what you plug these into. These units can demand a lot of power and that might toast your smart plug. Get one rated for big demand appliances.

@dgaust based in the US
@planetawylie good suggestion, although most of the ones I see now don’t have knobs they mostly have push buttons. I’ll be looking specifically for ones with knobs. I’ll update this topic with my findings.

If anyone else have ideas please share.

There are some with infrared control, you could turn them on/off, adjust temp etc via esp8266 or broadlink rm.

In Amazon search for Tenergy space heater.

@planetawylie Yes indeed Amazon to the rescue. Thx. I found one that has manual switches but also oscillates.

Thx for all the tips.

FYI - little tip. Whatever plug you use make sure it’s rated for appliance or heavy appliance otherwise the plug will likely burn out.

Known (to me) that work with heaters are the Zooz ZEN15 and the Aeotec Plug.

@planetawylie I’m a newbie HA user; how would you control this heater or one like this?

Amazon Heater


There are a number of suggestions in this topic which should help you figure that out.