Control traffic light with only predefined colors

I want to control a traffic light connected and controlled by a Raspberry Zero, connected through MQTT to HA; I managed to create the light in the config file of HA; now, I would like to have a card in Lovelace that allows me to either switch the traffic light ON or OFF, or choose between one of the three lights (red, yellow and green). The default ‘light’ card offers the full RGB spectrum.
Can you please give me a hint at how to do that in HA?


Create an input select with the options Red, Orange, Green and ‘Off’.

Create an automation that switches the lights based on the state of the input select.

THanks for the tip; I did create a row of buttons; now, And attached an action to it (mqtt.publish). Now I would like the color of the buttons to change according to the status of the light. How can I do that?