Control UZB (Z-wave.Me) stick via REST?


I’m currently creating a new front end for HA. Never mind why - I just needed something fun to do.
Anyhow… I’m kinda’ stuck now. Managed to get everything working just fine, except for controling the Z-wave stick for adding nodes via REST commands.

The only entity available to me, is: sensor.z_wave_usb_stick_node_status
But of course this will only give me status as it is a sensor.

Anyone knows a way of how to control the stick?
Is there a REST service which can be used instead of trying to control a sensor which cannot be controlled in the first place?

Any help would be appreciated!


There is no REST API for interacting with zwave-js. Your options would be:

  1. Use the HA Websocket API like the frontend does to interact with the Z-Wave JS integration.
  2. Use the zwave-js-server Websocket API directly, bypassing HA and the Z-Wave JS integration.
  3. Enable MQTT in zwavejs2mqtt and use its MQTT API, bypassing HA and the Z-Wave JS integration. This introduces an extra dependency.

Perfect - thanks a bunch!!