Control via Alexa

Hello all

I am wondering if you can advice. I have searched and I cant seem to find much so thought i would ask you experts. At the moment i use TV Matrix to control my TV setup. The product is called HDanywhere Pro 4x4

This does have a section that means these alternatives can be used as well and some might stand out to you guys

At the moment i have the HDanywhere skill on my Alexa and i can use voice commands to turn the TV on with my Sky box, etc. With my Alexa having a Turn My TV On event, can this be using in home assistant or can you use TTS to link HA to Alexa to turn on my TV. Does HA pull the skills you have setup in Alexa and the events like Turn my TV on commands that you have programmed on Alexa

Can RS232 be used to control via HA


It seems that the device provides a REST API. Here is the documentation. One can write a integration or custom_component for this device or you can just use the REST component.

For example: if you execute a “curl http://<device_ip>/api/data/0/” you should get the device state (on/off).

The custom compoent @clyra mentioned is the way to go. However, if you don’t have the programming chops for that, alexa_media_player will allow you to ask alexa to do anything you could ask for by voice.