Controll all lights with Alexa


is there any possiblity (f.e. group or light group) to control every light in Alexa at the same time. I thought about a light called “light”, so that I can say Alexa “turn off light” and Alexa then turn off every light in Home Assisstant. I don’t want to add every light on my own, because I know I will forget to update this, when I add new lights.

I hope you understand the problem and can help me,


Why not set up an Alexa group called “All Lights” and keep all your lights in that group as well as the real group? That way you can say “Alexa, Turn Off All Lights”?

One way or the other you are going to have to have devices in multiple locations that will require maintenance. That’s one of the [many] things I like about HomeKit, I can say “Siri, turn off all lights” and it knows what that means.

Yeah, I can do this, but that was the thing I wanted to get around. I thought there was maybe a group where all lights are in or something, like light.all

I have no “all” group, and (with Nabu Casa setup) I can tell Alexa to turn on/off all lights just by saying “all lights on” or “all lights off”. I do this (“off”) every time I go to bed…

I also do this in yaml (works in scripts or automations) like this:

service: light.turn_off
data: {}
  entity_id: all

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