Controlling 2.4 Ghz RF Remote-Controlled Fan?

Hi all,

I recently purchased this fan from Amazon:

YUHAO 52 inch Black Ceiling Fan with Lights and Remote Control,Dimmable tri-Color temperatures LED,Quiet Reversible Motor,5 Blades Modern Ceiling Fans for Indoor.

It uses a 2.4 Ghz RF remote that operates between 2415 Mhz and 2475 Mhz on channel F. Here is the FCC patent info on the remote:

I’d like to copy the RF commands that the remote sends to the fan and then repeat them using some sort of hardware that can integrate with Home Assistant, but I haven’t found anything. I know Broadlink doesn’t work, but I can’t find any other off-the-shelf solution.

Has anyone managed to solve this issue or have any ideas on what I can do that doesn’t involve soldering or removing the fan from the ceiling?

Were you able to find a solution for this? I have 3 of these fans and 2 other which are all 2.4 Ghz RF remote controlled DC Fans that I am struggling with.

Unfortunately, no. I tried capturing the 2.4 Ghz RF signals using RFLink, an Arduino, and an NRF24L01 transceiver but it didn’t pick anything up, so now I’m back to square one with this.

I think there was another solution where you’d connect an esp to a spare remote and just control the fan from there.

Yeah I saw that but unfortunately each one of these fans have their own programmed remote so I can’t just buy a new one if I mess up soldering one.

so you can’t use the same remote for others like those ir remote controlled fans?
if you need a replacement, can you just pair it again?

Nope! I have two of these fans and their remotes do not work on the other fan at all. The owner says they’re individually programmed, and honestly I’m not sure what happens if I lose my remote. I think there’s a way to program a “fresh” remote to a fan, but I don’t know how or what the process would be.