Controlling Anything via SSH with

Hello all I just finished a written guide, on how to control devices via SSH using I personally used this method for controlling my Hyperion daemon, but this guide works for anything that has SSH server enabled. E.g you could issue a command to a remote server and reboot it. You can find this guide on my blog


Nice write up. It still does not point out the known_hosts file. This file seem elusive in hassio, it is somewhere or at least the functionality is since it stored the wrong key file and I have to use no strict key check as well.

You do not need known_hosts file anymore, anyways this file exists in the container, you can find it in ~/.ssh/know_hosts. Since in my case I do not care that someone will spoof my SLAVE device, I should not be worried about its fingerprint stored in that know_hosts file, thus -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no.

also @mattlward I think your issue occurred because every hassio upgrade destroys the old and reinitializes docker a new container thus destroying any unmounted data and since ~/.ssh/known_hosts file is not mounted outside the container it also gets destroyed on every upgrade.

Hey there! So I’ve used your guide in the past and it went flawlessly. I’m in the need of making this configuration and can’t seem to get it right, is there anyway you can get your awesome guide back online?

Thanks for your help!

@nicoosterc I just found another copy of it here - I hope this helps

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Thank you so much! Now I can have my raspberry pi sensors in hassio again :slightly_smiling_face:

You rock!