Controlling appletv using alexa through home assistant

Currently, I can say “alexa, turn on kitchen lights”. It will find the light entities in Home assistant, and turn them on.

I want to create “something” in home assistant that will allow me to open the infuse app on appletv. So I can then say “alexa, open infuse”.

This can perform this task

service: remote.send_command
  entity_id: remote.appletv
    - top_menu
    - left
    - left
    - left
    - left
    - select

Forgive the ignorance but I have no idea where to use this “service” so I can create this feature in home assistant.

I guess eventually this will be a toggle switch, or a press switch that will trigger this “service” and perform the steps. But how do I use it?


Searching for the same solution as well. Did you mentioned to set it up?