Controlling colors and brightness on Flux Led


I bought some of these bulbs from AliExpress:

From factory these bulbs is controlled by the Magic Home application:

I’ve been able to get them into Home Assistant using the Flux Led component, with this configuration in the configuration.yaml file:

  • platform: flux_led
    automatic_add: True
    name: Bedroom
    mode: “rgbw”
    protocol: ‘ledenet’

I’m able to turn the light on/off in HA, but I cannot control color or brightness. I’ve tried with different settings in the config file, like without “ledenet”, with “rgb” and so on.

Is there anybody out there that have the same bulbs and have a solution to my problem?

I think the Flux component is for the LED strip controller, not the bulbs

Not according to the docs, but I don’t see that particular bulb listed either.

But it is very strange. I cannot directly control brightness and colors, but if a set an effect, for example “strobe”, it works with color and effect…