Controlling existing equipment

Hi All,

Im very new to HA so take it easy on me.

Originally I just wanted to control a porch light and was going to install a shelly switch then came across HA and wonder if I can add all my other equipment too it and what it might be useful for.

I have a nest thermostat
A ring doorbell
Hikvision CCTV
Pyronix Alarm

Are shellys ok? And which raspberry pi would be ok to run HA?

Shelly - yes, but the tiny Gen 3 devices are not yet supported.

Hikvision CCTV - yes. I used to use the generic camera integration for this. You might be able to stream now too.

I have no experience with the other devices. You can search here: Integrations - Home Assistant and use Google search for third party integrations to connect your device e.g. “Home Assistant Pyronix Alarm”.