Controlling Home Assistant From Pi

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Hi all,

I’m just starting out on this journey to automate my home with home assistant and a raspberry pi. Initially my idea was to use a raspberry pi connected to a touch screen to be my control hub for the house, using this to turn off and on certain lights, read my temp and humidity sensors, get the weather for the week, etc.

Now that I’m a bit deeper into it, I’ve realized that Hass OS doesn’t actually have a GUI to do this from. So my question is, should I install hass supervisor on top of Raspberry OS to control everything from the Pi? Or do I need to buy a separate tablet to achieve my initial goal? Does anyone have any words of wisdom after creating a touch screen hub like the one I’m suggesting?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

The closest support to that would be to install Debian ( not Raspberry OS) on the Pi and then install Home Assistant Supervised. I am running that on a test Pi now.


Home Assistant Supervised documentation