Controlling LED strips on a Raspberry PI

Hey Guys,

I’m relatively new here. Is it possible to send pwm-commands to control the brightness of an led stripes over a a gpio port on the pi using home assistant? And would it allow the same level of integration like e.g. philipps hue?

My hardware-part already works with the tool PIGPIO like declared in this blog:!/

Thanks for helping me :smiley:

Hello Niklas,

I recently started using the HomeAssistant and it works great so far. I’m having the same issue as you, and i didn’t find any solution yet.
My led stripes are connected to several GPIO pins on my pi, each one has 3 connections to a transisor to supply them with ground (led on) or not (led off). Using a pwm dims them, it all works fine.

The question is if there is any possibility to manage my led lights directly (no mqtt or something else) directly via Home Assistant with features like:
RGB Color select, multiple programs (e.g. fading, strobe, rainbow, …, …)

Please let me know if you’ve found a solution! :slight_smile:

Meanwhile I got some z-wave stuff (including the fibaro rgbw-dimmer). Works great so far.

What I’ve been looking for a few months ago was this component: