Controlling Lights with IFTTT

First off, I found this project via a comment on HomeBridge. I was having difficulties doing this task with Homebridge as well.

I have a Particle device that I designed and it’s connected to 2 lights in my apartment. Particle has an IFTTT channel that I’ve been using to switch the lights. I did successfully trigger the lights via the IFTTT maker channel using the Home Assist “Call Service” page, but can’t figure out how to save these settings in the configuration.yaml file.

I want to use homebridge-homeassistant so I only need to model the lights in my configuration.yaml. I’ve tried a few things but I’m always getting homeassistant.bootstrap: Invalid platform config for [light]: required key not provided @ data['platform'] errors. I don’t technically need automation triggers or conditions because I don’t think I’ll be using them.

This is my config file now. I’m hoping it can be simplified, but I was trying everything I could find to get it to work.

# create input
    name: Toggle Liquor Lights
    initial: off
    icon: mdi:lightbulb-outline

# create a device
- alias: 'Toggle Liquor Lights'
  # Toggle the Liqour Light
  - platform: state
    entity_id: group.all_devices
    state: 'home'
  - platform: state
    entity_id: input_boolean.toggle_liquor
    state: 'on'
    service: ifttt.trigger
    data: {"event": "LiquorLights", "value1": "TOGGLE"}

Any suggestions on how to accomplish this would be greatly appriciated.


Hi Dillon,
I am very new to home assistant but looking at your given configuration, it seems correct to me.

However, the error is most likely about the light component, so that part of the configuration should be checked. Could you also post that part?


@tarikul Thanks for checking it out. I stopped using the project when I couldn’t figure it out a few months ago. I can’t remember the details to answer your question.

hmm… After replying I figured you asked this 4 months ago !! Anyways , wish you good luck in your future experiments…

In your ifttt channel, make sure you use this:

URL: METHOD: POST CONTENT TYPE: application/json BODY: { “entity_id”: “yourdeviceid” }

Your deviceID can be a single lamp or multiple lamps (group)…

First try you lamps to switch on and off without ifttt. If this works, then integrate ifttt.
Normally you dont need any automation for just switch on an off your lights…

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Your answer should be featured in the IFTTT setup page. So simple.

Thanks for the update. When I originally posted the question, the official IFTTT component wasn’t available. I’ll have to try it out now.