Controlling lights with telegram and node-red with localisations

Hey there,
i’m pretty beginner in home assistant and i’m trying to make an automation with a telegram_bot,
localisation from Home assistant, and automation with node-red. ( With mqtt lights. )

The thing i would like to do is to recieve a notification when i’m out of my house to check if my lights are still with statut On or Off.

For example :
You looks like out of home would you like me to check the lights ?
and two buttons : Yes or No
Then if you clic Yes
Would you like me to shutdown thoses lights ?
Button Yes or No.

I have make this flow for beginning :

I recieve the right message, and i’m trying to get the button inline keyboard but i don’t understand how to do it.
I can create a commande like /lights but that’s not really cool to do. I would prefer to have instantly the button yes or no.

I’m trying to inspire myself with this flow :
Flow test

But it’s hard to understand for me.
I’m sorry for the quality of my english, i’m a french guy learning Diy and automations :).
Thanks for the help anyway have a good 1rst day of 2023 and thanks a lot !

Edit this is only the part of telegram bot.