Controlling multiple heating and cooling devices in a single room

Hi! I am quite new to Home assistant!

My HA is up and running. I am looking for help on how to design HA to control multiple heating devices and one cooling system in a single room. Ideally I’m looking to have one single Thermostat card in my HA dashboard to control the temperature in the room and leave HA drive which device(s) will be used.

Also I would like to control all of these devices whithin a single virtual climate(?) device that I could use in automations and scripts. For instance, during winter I would like to set the temperature at 18C at night and when nobody is home and set the temperature to 21C during the day when someone is home. All of this would be driven by HA accoring the business logic rules below.

I live in Canada to I need to heat during winter and cool during summer.


1- An electric heating convecter controled by a smart wall thermostat linked to a Zigbee Coordinator (installed and working)
2- A split Panasonic AC cooling heating system. Controled by the broalink integration over a RM4 mini. I still have to implement SmartIR (climate platform) to fully control this device.
3- A natural gas fireplace controlled by a wall thermostat. I have yet to automate this part and make it smart (let me know if you have advices but it’s not the main purpose of my post)

Business (logic) to implement:

During summer I want to simply use the AC (2 as above) in cool mode to cool the room

During winter I want to heat based on these rules:

  • If outside temperature under -10C only heat with the split AC (2) in heat mode
  • If outside temperature bewteen -10C and -20C then heat only with convector (1)
  • If outside temperature colder than -20 C heat with convector (1) and fireplace (3)

I’m realy looking for advices on how to design HA in terms of devices, script and automations for these requirements

Thanks in advance

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I’m also interested in this! Did you get it working?

Same here, did you ever find a way to do this?

This seems pretty straight forward.
Fundamentally you want to automate the heating states of several devices, using a single thermostat.

I’d setup a generic thermostat and for the heater switch I’d use a toggle helper.

I’d then create an automation that fires when the toggle helper changes state, and then turn on/off all of the devices in scope in the action section of the automation.

I’ll give that a try, thanks