Controlling multiple moodlights each with 3 light bulbs

I have two lamps, each with three yeelight color bulbs, let’s call the yeeligths bottom, middle and top.
I search for a way to control the colors of each lamp as follows:

   Light bottom  middle top
Colors_1 red     green  blue
Colors_2 magenta red    violet
Colors_3 FFCC66  006600 CC33CC
Colors_4 ...     ...    ...

The duration for the switching from Colors_1 to Colors_2 should be configurable, also the transition time.

What would be the best approach to takle this: template, blueprint, dynamic scheme, something else?

I looked into all of the above approaches and find it hard to wrap my head around all the details.
I rough explanation on how to best configure this is greatly appreciated.

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