Controlling New Chromecast with Google TV

I have a chromecast on every tv, and automations and controllers set up to avoid having any remotes laying around. When a cast is started, HA responds and powers on the tv and any other necessary devices. I would love to try out the new Chromecast with Google TV, but I don’t want to need the remote. Has anyone tried it out yet? Does it respond all the same way with the basic Cast integration like the older chromecast? And can you send remote commands to it, either over IP, or via IR?

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Mine is still underway (should arrive in 2 days) but if it’s anything like my Mi Box S you probably have two options:

For my Mi Box S with Android TV I use the former, since I have to choose between ethernet (over usb) or ADB. Works pretty well, except that not all apps are showing up in Cast while the Android TV integration should be able to see more.

I wired mine in on Saturday using the Cast integration, but was busy setting up new phones etc. so got no further than that - I try not to tinker on Sundays.

When not in use, yes.

When in use (e.g. running the Netflix app on the device) the media_player entity reports ‘Unavailable’ but shows a source of Netflix.

You can use the usb to ethernet adapter and the ADB. See here:

That’s good to know. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Watching Netflix on it this evening:

This is definitely part of what I was curious about. A simple template to ignore ‘unavailable’ if there is a current source should solve that. If you get to tinkering and have a way to control it without the remote, please report back. In the meantime I’ll probably cave and buy one anyway

Not high on my priorities at the moment tbh so I’ll probably wait for someone else to take the initiative.
I purchased it so that we had a central device for Plex, Netflix, Prime Video etc rather than casting from a phone - mostly because I’m always the one who winds up finding and casting whatever the family is watching

I can confirm that google chromecast with google tv is not working properly on home assistant. Most of the time it reports off while using apps or video services home assistant doesn’t understand. When it does its giving the state unavailable. This needs to be fixed In HA I’m afraid

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I can confirm also - is there some discussion or activity on git that you know of?

I fixed it using adb integration and opened up the devolpers option on the google tv. But it’s not perfect. When using netflix the previews shown when selecting a movie or serie is also registered as playing. Allot of info is not correctly communicated between HA and google tv. But atleast the google tv is showing on now when activated

Ok thanks, but did you use the built in ADB in home assistant or using a dedicated ADB server?

I had forgotten to enable USB debugging :slight_smile:

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Did somebody try it with the Android TV integration?

If you are talking about this

  • platform: androidtv

Then it uses adb behind the scenes

yeah that’s what I was talking about and I noticed that right after I posted here… So if I want to start using it, all I need is to setup that integration, or I need a separated adb server as well as the device connected to the ethernet cable ?

Can this be done over network? The shield has an option for this in the settings, but the new chromecast does not.

I didn’t find much written on how to integrate the Chromecast with Google TV (released late 2020 with a remote) into HA. I’ll give a summary on how I did it via the Android TV integration. I’m no expert, but just trying to help any other users out who are left wondering if it’s possible.

To integrate via Android TV integration:

  • Ensure the Chromecast has a static IP on your local network (my tip to you)
  • Enable USB debugging, described in google’s development pages, here. Unlike some of my other AndroidTV devices, you can do this via wifi, i.e. you don’t need to use a USB cord at all. It is much easier this way especially since you need to see the screen of the Chromecast to click on a pop up to enable the ADB server to access the Chromecast.
  • Back in HA, Install the ADB (Android Debugging Bridge) add-on. I believe there is a docker container version too. The HA Android TV docs have good details on this. Follow the docs for configuring it, including putting in the IP address of your device.
  • Below is a copy of my configuration.yaml entry for the media_player.
  • I needed to restart for the changes to take effect.
  • On the Chromecast, there will be a pop-up that a device is trying to access the Chromecast via ADB. Tick the “Always allow from this computer” and “ok”.
  • Check HA logs if you are having issues.
# my configuration.yaml entry:
   - platform: androidtv 
     host:  # IP of the Chromecast, insert yours here
     port: 5555 # defaults to 5555
     name: "Chromecast with Google TV"
     adb_server_ip: # IP for the HA add on 
     adb_server_port: 5037 # port on the ADB server add on`


The state for “playing” works as it should now (was “unknown” when watching netflix before).


Thank you for your description.
I got it working thnks to the description.

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Thanks for the write up.

Have you noticed any stuttering? I just set it up and now it seems watching YouTube is stuttering. Every 30 seconds or so the video freezes for a half second then it’s fine. No audio issues. Could just be a coincidence though.

Hi @barroomhero,
I haven’t noticed any stuttering and I’ve watched a dozen or so YouTube videos since I’ve bought it. Definitely no problems with Netflix or Plex, which we watch more often. Not sure what your problem is there.