Controlling new Raynor Garage Door Opener with a relay switch

I recently upgraded my Garage Door and Opener.

My old door opener had a simply relay interface which I could control with a doorbell button and/or a relay switch. So I had built a garage door controller with a relay switch and a Raspberry Pi. It worked perfectly for years. Now I have myq and it fails when they decide they want to change the API. So I want to reinstall my relay switch setup.

However I don’t think the new opener will work with a simple relay. The wall switch is wired to two terminals but the wall switch controls several features of the opener including putting it in learning mode, etc. So I don’t think the terminals are as simple as the previous.

Anyone now how I can attach the relay from the raspberry to this opener or do I have to hack a garage door opener into my system?

The opener is an Raynor Admiral II.
Which is really just this Liftmaster model.

The connection is on page 15.

I think I have to hack in a remote but hoping there is a way to just connect directly to the unit.

You’ll probably have to hack in a remote. I had to do that for my chamberlain opener with MyQ.

However I got ahead of the curve and did mine a long time ago because I was tired of the unreliability of the MyQ integration.

Yea so far my research says hack a remote or hack into the wall switch. I like wall switch because no battery to manage but if I mess up wall switch replacement is pricy. I have two extra remotes so that seems the way to go.

I don’t understand why garage door openers don’t have the terminals for a standard open/close relay anymore. I makes it so much easier to attach a device if they do. It’s pure greed so you have to purchase one of thier “official” buttons or devices. OK I guess I do understand :slight_smile: just don’t like it. Have to get myself a good soldering iron now.

I believe greed may be a possibility but supposedly the newer control systems are more “secure” since they need a “rolling code” switch even for the hardwired switches. That’s part that makes no sense.

I can understand the security enhancements for the remote control because it makes it (almost) impossible for someone to sniff your code & get in later. But if they have access to the hardwired switch inside your garage/house then your security is already breached and then who cares if they can hack your garage door opener.

yea, that is the part I don’t understand either. If someone can get inside to connect to the terminal then they are already inside :slight_smile:

Anyway, will hack away I guess…