Controlling RGB Led?

So, I am having so many issues making a LED strip controllable and getting support for it onto ESPHome.

So I want to make one that can be driven from a ESP32, and flash WLED or esphome on it. Is this possible?



what are the issues?

No issues yet, just curious as to how hard or easy it would be to implement.

Is it as simple as that, no resistors, no mosfets etc?

Stock esphome code or custom firmware?

Yes pretty much as simple as that.

Just flash WLED onto the esp32 and power everything as needed. Then hook the data lead from the led strip to the data pin on the esp32

You will need a 5vdc supply for the esp32.

And you may need a logic level shifter depending on the needs of the data lead on the led strip. The data pin on the esp is 3.3vdc. But it will work for 5v LEDs.

Thats why i use 5vdc LEDs. Then it just hooks up as in your drawing plus the power to the esp32.

Do you get as much brightness as 12v?

Also range? Is there any downsides to 5v over 12v?

You may want to watch a few of his videos on LED strips. They’re really good and useful. It will answer questions such as these.

In short, a higher voltage for the same current will mean more power and thus higher brightness.

I’ve never done a side by side comparison but I’ve never thought that I wished the brightness was higher on my 5v lights. There are times when they are too bright at full brightness and I actually turn them down a bit.

the only downside is that for long runs you need to inject power at intervals throughout the strip. I don’t think that’s as much of a concern with 12v. But even then for really long runs you need the same injection.

But I have a run of 190 LEDS and I only put power on the strip at both ends and it works fine. And I have another strip of 50 and powering it from one end is no problem.

If you are doing a shorter inside LED strip (under cabinet lights, TV ambilight, accent lighting, etc) then 5v is more than effective and you don’t need the extra electronics for them.

if you are doing long runs like on the outside of your house then 12v is probably better. But they are more complicated hardware-wise.