Controlling the Sonoff T1 US with RF315MHz

So I’m from South Africa and the T1 US switches fit into our sockets(I have one running at home with Tasmota Firmware). The questions is when I want to use the RF functionality, what actually sends a RF signal at 315mhz? I see the bridge is standard 433, I’d like one of those too with a PIR sensor but that’s another story.

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Watching this carefully as I have a weird thermostat and I’ve no idea what RF frequency it uses.

I keep trying to work out what it’s ‘Trigger Heat’ and ‘Stop Heat’ codes are, but can’t find a way how to find them (or the frequency)…

Anyone able to help us on this topic?

Checkout the below.

This may do what you want?

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Thank you, I’ll look into it!