Controlling which extenders Zigbee devices connect to

I had four Aqara H1 EU no-neutral wall switches connected through ZHA to my HA Yellow.
The topology graphic always showed them having green connectivity.

I have a few Aqara door/window sensors, currently connected through HomeKit Controller integration which I was hoping to pair to ZHA instead. As a couple are quite far from my Yellow I purchased a couple of Zigbee smart plugs which have the ability to function as extenders.

Is there a way to configure which devices may connect to an extender and which should connect directly or are there any other things I can do to improve the negative impact adding the smart plugs seems to have caused please?

The circles are the switches, the ovals are the smart plugs.

Short answer is no.

You can, however, shut down the ZigBee radio for about 15-20 minutes and activate the battery devices (e.g., open/close) to wake them up. This, ideally, will cause all the end devices to look for new neighbors and update their routing tables. Right now, they’re likely blissfully unaware of the routers that you added.

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I may have been wrong on the “force to connect through specific device” as I found this post that suggests you can. I’d still advise doing the shutdown though since it should help to scramble all the end devices without needing to go through pairing again.

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