Convert automations from stringify

Hi all,

I, like many i guess, used stringify for a number of automations before I discovered Home Assistant and never bothered to move across, because, hey it worked.

now with stringify shutting down, i am stuck.

I appreciate that these are probably simple automations, but I am blowed if I can figure them out reading the documentation.

any help would be gratefully received:

I have a google calendar set up with the days and times that I need the bedroom light to come on. Stringify then set the brightness of the light depending on the trigger, my wife or i needing to get up for work, the kids lights would also come on depending on who was getting up, 30 minutes later and change colour and brightness 15 minutes atfter that.

is there a way to do this either in HA or node-red, if i need to learn that?

Many thanks