Convert dtp14 to dtp13

I get from KNX DTP 14 with which I read my electricity consumption. DTP 13.013 is used to get the unit behind the read value in HA. How can I get the unit behind the measured value. Then I can also enter this in my energy dashboard. Wi can help me further

Hi :wave:!
Just use customize to change the unit of measurement.

Thx, but
import totaal (kWh) 1717,73
But no unit

Have you read the " MANUAL CUSTOMIZATION" paragraph in the link I posted earlier?

Thx, i have, but i think my problem is in Yaml KNX,
Type is the problem
When i use type “power” or “energy” i get a window with unit of measurement in my entity vb W or kW
But wat is de type for using kWh

Have a look here for all supported types and their unit of measurements. KNX - Home Assistant

Again, if you have some device sending a value in a DPT that is not directly supported (or proprietary), you can customize the unit of measurement for that entity.

Sorry i try to figure out how to customize my entity, sie my link below

What i say earlier, i didnt get a window with unit of measurement in my entity

Maybe read it again. It’s not about UI customisation.