Convert input_number and input_boolean class to climate class

I have an input_number(control the temperature) entity and an input_boolean(control the power state) entity to control my AC using IR all is setup but I want to control it using google home and that require a climate device so can I turn input_number and input_boolean in to climate entity?

With a generic thermostat you can do that.

I tried that but I it require a temperature sensor, I already have an AC system

It requires something that provides you with the current temperature. You could use an input_number there.

I do not have the current temperature, my input_number variable is the target temperature
here is what I have going
automation on state_change entity_id: temp
command boardlink_rm_mini to change the ac temperature using IR

And that’s fine. All you’re caring about here is the heater_switch to control your AC:

  - platform: generic_thermostat
    name: My AC
    heater: input_boolean.my_ac
    target_sensor: input_number.target_temp
    ac_mode: true

Ok, an climate entity showed up but when I control the temperature, nothing happen but when I switched the mode to “off” the ac turn off but when I switched the mode to “cool” the ac doesn’t turn back on and the switch stayed off
what I put in
[./configuration.yaml] climate: !include_dir_list devices/climate/ [./devices/climate/bedroom_ac.yaml] platform: generic_thermostat name: My AC heater: input_boolean.bedroomac_state target_sensor: input_number.bedroom_temperature ac_mode: true

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Did you find a solution? I’m trying to do the same thing but straggling with the solution.
I do have extra temp sensor in each room