Convert Node Red to Home Assistant Automation

I have a Node Red automation that checks a gmail account for email from a specific sender with a specific attachment, then extracts the info from the attachment, adds the data to a sheet which HA can then use.

It’s the only Node Red automation I have, and I’ve been reading about people moving to using HA automations.

Is this a good candidate for this moving to HA?

I was thinking of going to fiverr and seeing if I could pay someone to do this for me, but I’d be happy to pay someone here to do this.


What’s the reasoning behind that? I’m curious because I’ve started playing a bit with node red to see if it’s something I want to do since I have so many automations but haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

As for your Gmail issue, you should be able to do that I believe with the IMAP integration component, sort of like how the Mail Delivery uses that to check for FedEx/UPS/USPS mail coming today.

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Here’s a good earlier thread that compared Node Red and native Automations. Personally, I prefer Node Red, but I do think it’s largely a personal preference based on which “feels right” to you.

I am not experienced enough to explain the reasoning well.

My simple understanding is that utilizing built-in features, all else being equal, is generally preferred for simplicity and reliability reasons.

My reasons for considering this is because I don’t know node-red and my time available to learn is limited, so I thought I’d focus on learning the built-in automation facilities.

The node red solution I have is not reliable.

Can someone help me automate this within HA?

An email with an Excel spreadsheet is emailed to me daily with propane tank levels and usage. I need to get that into HA.