Convert raw RF data into Broadlink Base64 format

Hi everyone,

I’ve recently bought a Broadlink RM4 Pro. I found some old Chacon EMW200RC-F RF sockets that I had lying around were 433MHz but I can’t find the remote anywhere so I can’t learn the commands from that.

Online I found someone that provides the codes in a raw format?


Button 1 - ON
Decimal: 1332567 (24Bit) Binary: 000101000101010101010111 Tri-State: 0FF0FFFFFFF1 PulseLength: 489 microseconds Protocol: 1
Raw data: 15176,284,1644,288,1656,276,1648,1248,692,276,1640,1268,672,288,1644,292,1632,300,1628,1268,668,300,1644,1248,680,288,1644,1252,684,284,1652,1244,680,288,1636,1260,692,268,1652,1248,680,284,1648,1248,688,1244,680,1252,692,

The issue that I’ve got is that I have no idea how to convert this data in the Base64 that is necessary for HA. I know that in hex, it should start with 0xb2 for RF but after that I’m kinda confused.

Can anyone help me out with this one?

Thanks in advance!