Convert/reuse herdsmen quirks with ZHA

During my last rebuild I managed to successfully integrate all my zigbee devices using the built in ZHA support in HA. I was previously using Z2M, so it was nice to have a native solution - I was able to decommission my mqtt server as well as Z2M itself.

A new zigbee device isn’t working as well however, and as no quirk is being loaded I presume its because it is not supported yet. I see it in the Z2M list however, so it should be possible.

Rather than ask the question on a per device basis, I was wondering if there was a way to reuse the quirk used by Z2M (herdsman) in ZHA? The formats seem to be different but I can’t quite figure out a mapping - as well as understand how to introduce custom quirks in ZHA.

Any thoughts or tips?

You might start here:

You can’t directly re-use the z2m quirks but you can definitely use the information from them to build your own quirk.

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