Converting a separate switch entity into a mode for a thermostat

Hi Home Assistant community!

We have Heatmiser Neo thermostats, which are connected using their HomeKit integration.
The default config works fine, but the ‘climate’ entity only has the mode heat_cool (which is wrong - the heating system only supports heat, and the thermostats know that), and the ‘standby’ switch is a separate entity.

My question is this: Is there any way to make the separate ‘standby’ switch appear as a thermostat mode, so they can be managed using one card and device, not two?


This should work: Template Switch - Home Assistant

Create a template switch and set the actions for on/off accordingly

The documentation for template switches seems to indicate it only supports creating switch entities.
In my case, I have a climate entity and a switch, and I want to combine them into a single climate entity.

There is also custom component which can create templated climate entities. GitHub - jcwillox/hass-template-climate: ❄️Templatable Climate Device for Home Assistant, Supports Running Actions On Service Calls.