Converting Components to Integrations

Sorry if this is a dumb question. I’ve been using HA for about a year. I want to dig deeper to understand and contribute to the project.

What is the difference between components and front-end integrations? It seems that 1.0 is going to lean in on the integration side of things (device registry, natural language automation, almond, etc.).
Some of the components still require YAML configs to work and some are included in the front-end integrations page. It seems that only the integrations on the front-end contribute devices to the device registry. YAML-configured components don’t get to be in the device registry and miss out on a bunch of ease-of-use features (e.g. the tuya component).

To the point: What is the real difference between components and integrations? Is there a process for converting a yaml-only components into a front-end integration? How hard is that process?

Are there any updated resources I where I could read up on this?

This is up to the developer of the integration how he wants to implement it, config over GUI, in YAML or both.

This topic might give you some more interesting information.

For development you should also look in the dev docs, e.g. this section.