Converting HA modbus to ESPHome

I’m switching over from HA modbus to ESPHome modbus, but I cannot read valid values from the devices. Another slave device on the same bus (SDM_meter) is working fine.

What is wrong here?


  - platform: modbus_controller
    modbus_controller_id: wtw
    name: "Actuele binding status"
    address: 0xAB7C
    unit_of_measurement: ""
    register_type: holding
    value_type: U_WORD
    offset: 8
    accuracy_decimals: 0

versus HA modbus

      # - name: Actuele binding status
        # input_type: holding
        # slave: 207
        # address: 43900
        # data_type: uint16
        # precision: 0
        # count: 1

It’s working in HA but not with ESPHome?