Converting Schlage BE469 zwave smart deadbolt from batteries to wire

So I got fed up of constatnly needing to replace the batteries in my smart deadbolt lock, so I decided to convert it to a wired connection/backup battery. So far been working for over a month. Even tested the backup battery (which is rechargeable) and it ran for several days (next test is to see what the max amount of days).

Hardware needed:

  1. YX850 Power failure automatic switching:

  2. 5V Lithium Battery Rechargeable:

  3. type 9V Battery Snap Connector:

  4. 5V transformer

  5. wire (from the pcb board to the lock)

I ran the wire inside my door so I bought this piece as well:

  1. Door Loop Electric Exposed Mounting Protection:

I’ll try to post some images of my setup once I get a chance.


Just out of curiosity, how long were your batteries lasting? I had a BE469 for 8 years and had to replace the batteries only once a year. I’m now using a BE469+ as a warranty replacement of my BE469 for maybe the last 2 months and batteries are still full. We are doing at least 2 motorized lock (1 from the keypad and one from an automation) + 1 motorized unlock per day (plus a maybe 1 or 2 manual lock/unlock which also cause the unit to transmit a z-wave report).

Every 2-3 months.