Cooking with Home Assistant

Hello there! Today I finished a project I’ve been meaning to get done before Thanksgiving preparations begin. It’s a target temperature + alert system based on HA, ESPHome and Node-RED.

This system has three modes:

  • Upper threshold — alert when temperature crosses downward.
    • You’ll get notified once when a foodstuff cools below a set temperature.
    • Useful to find out when something has cooled in your fridge or counter for long enough.
  • Lower threshold — alert when temperature reaches upward.
    • You’ll get notified once when a foodstuff goes over a set temperature.
    • Useful for steaks and other foodstuffs that must reach a known internal temperature.
  • Range thresholds — alert if temperature falls outside of range.
    • You’ll get notified when a foodstuff goes below or above two temperature thresholds.
    • Useful for long cooking sessions on grills / ovens when you are targeting a specifc temperature, whose temperature may vary over time, and you’d like to make adjustments every once in a while without having to check the grill / oven thermometer constantly.

Check it out here!

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Hi there! I’ve massively simplified the flow. Check the updated page out!