Coolcam Zigbee PIR Sensor has no entities!

Hi all
I am new to home assistant world, please forgive my silly question

I have added many devices to Zigbee home Automation ZHA, all working fine except one that is showing no entities at all.

Coolcam Tuya Zigbee Smart Zigbee PIR Motion Sensor With Temperature and Humidity Sensor Battery Powered or USB Charge.

It suppose to have 5 entities but non of them is showing under the device.

please advice me on how to configure it or add it to ZHA

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I faced similar issue few time in the past with Ikea devices. Solution was to delete the device from configuration and add it again… sometimes few times. Finally all entities appeared in deconz and HA. Seems something wrong with initial discovery…

Thanks for the reply, I will keep trying :grinning:

Are you able to fix this issue? Because i am planning to buy this sensor and use zigbee2msqtt