Coordinating (light) switches

This might be (and probably is) a stupid question.

I have a setup on a rpi4 with Aeontec5 s-wavecontroller, aTellstick Znet Lite v2 conrolling a bunch of switches for lights and fans. 433 switches are Nexa 12 dimmers and the z-wave are Fibaro controllers. Most in a 12V off grid system. All of the lights, etc. kan be operated through HASS dashboard and through physical wireless NEXA self learning dimmers.

Turning on or off a light on the Home Assistant dashboard will change the state of the on dashboard interface (yellow or white).
Turning the physical switch on or of does not affect the state on the icon/button on the dashboard.

What is the secret of coordinateing the state shown on the dashboard with the actual state of the switch/light?

PS. Considering attaching av zigbee-controller. Will this do a better job of keeping track of the state of the switch?