Coordinator crash when adding a device

Controller crash when a new devices joins or re-join the network.

ERROR (MainThread) [bellows.ezsp] NCP entered failed state. Requesting APP controller restart

Steps to reproduce the issue
Add a new device to the network or reapply main power to it.

Controller fails immediately. May take more or less time for Home-Assistant to be able to reset the controler. Usually helps when Home-Assistant is restarted entirely.

Philips Hue lights start a flashing patern in sync while the controler is failed.
The coordinator is not reachable thus, it is not possible to control devices.

Diagnostic information

  • Home Assistant 2022.11.1 container
  • User interface : 20221102.1 - latest

Generic Aliexpress EFR32MG21 :

Hue Light
  • Model : LTA010
  • sw_build_id : 1.76.11
  • current_file_version : 16782364
  • image_type_id : 65535
ZHA logs when the light gets power back and the coordinator crash

2022-11-09 11:03:17.433 DEBUG (MainThread) [zigpy.zcl] [0xFFBD:11:0x0000] Decode -