Coordinator polling but entity is never refreshed

Hello, I’m trying to develop my first custom integration. I have it in a place now where when I install or restart HA, all of the entities are populated properly and accurately. I have implemented a coordinator with the following code, but my entity is never refreshed and my update_method is never called again. I’ve reread the documentation several times but I don’t see what I’m missing. Can someone point me in the right direction?

    coordinator = DataUpdateCoordinator(
    await coordinator.async_config_entry_first_refresh()[DOMAIN][entry.entry_id] = {
        "my_client": client,
        "coordinator": coordinator,

Post a link to the rest of your code. Your update method and whether you have the _handle_coordinator_update method in your entities with self.async_write_ha_state()

Hello, I think I have a similar problem. My coordinator never calls _async_update_data() after setting update_interval. I don’t know where the problem would be, because async_config_entry_first_refresh() works correctly for me and the sensor values are reloaded when I restart Home Assistant.
I do not use callbacks in coordinator, because I use them in a special HeatPump class, which takes care of updating values in Home Assistant (perhaps that is the problem?).
All I need is to call the HeatPump.async_fetch_all_data() function every minute, for which I wanted to use the _async_update_data() service, but it doesn’t work for me, do you know where the problem might be?

Thank you for your response. entry function

async def async_setup_entry(hass: HomeAssistant, entry: ConfigEntry) -> bool:
    """Set up MasterTherm from a config entry."""

    hp = HeatPump(hass,["ip_address"])
    coordinator = HeatPumpCoordinator(hass, hp), {})[entry.entry_id] = coordinator

    await coordinator.async_config_entry_first_refresh()

    await hass.config_entries.async_forward_entry_setups(entry, PLATFORMS)
    return True

class HeatPumpCoordinator(DataUpdateCoordinator):
    """Vlastní koordinátor pro aktualizaci dat."""
    def __init__(self, hass, hp: HeatPump, update_interval=timedelta(seconds=60)):
        """Inicializace koordinátoru."""
        _LOGGER.debug("inicializace HeatPumpCoordinator")

        self.hass = hass
        self.hp = hp

        _LOGGER.debug("update_interval: %s", self.update_interval)
        _LOGGER.debug("always_update: %s", self.always_update)

    async def _async_update_data(self):
        """Načtení dat z externího zdroje."""
        _LOGGER.debug("%s : volano _async_update_data",

        _LOGGER.debug("%s : volani Heat Pump async_get_availability",
        if await self.hp.async_get_availability():
            _LOGGER.debug("%s : Heat Pump je dostupny",
                _LOGGER.debug("%s : volani Heat Pump async_fetch_all_data",
                await self.hp.async_fetch_all_data()
                _LOGGER.debug("volani Heat Pump async_fetch_all_data probehlo uspesne")
            except Exception as e:
                    "volani Heat Pump async_fetch_all_data probehlo NEuspesne"
                raise UpdateFailed(f"Chyba při aktualizaci dat: {e}")