CoOrdinator Sometimes not seen

I am on my 3rd Zigbee coordinator (zigbee Dongle Plus with Latest firmware from /Koenkk/Z-Stack-) Running Windows 11 with Virtual Box. Home Assistant Supervised) All software upto date as of March 1, 2023. Device Manager says Sonoff dongle on port 3. When home assistant starts or restart ZHA boots fine, maybe one time maybe 5 times. Then it will not start, Log says no stick found. I move stick to port 4, reload zha and it starts, 4-5 restarts later same problem and move back to port 3. Dont understand if it is a windows problem ( dont think so as device manager always sees it on correct port. Maybe Virtual box problem or ZHA. I have had the same problem on 3 coordinators ( chinese junk, Conbee, now Sonoff) 2
windows computers. Prior edition of virtual box did the same.