Coordinators USB/Hybrid/LAN

I am new to HA and just installed my first setup.
The question now is how to realise the best coverage for a Zigbee-Network (Zigbee2MQTT) in my location.
Most beginner guides recommed a USB-Stick like the SONOFF Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus.

My HA-installation on a x86-64 client is in a far corner of the house and Zigbee coverage from an attached USB-dongle will certainly be limited in the rest of the house at best.
How to realise a good Zigbee-coverage in the house?
What about the distance-ranges and setup of a ZB-network in general? Are there any limitations regarding the number of the devices in a network?
I see that there are hybrid and LAN-types of coordinators and I have ethernet-cabling in the house.
Therefore I plan to install a central LAN-attached coordinator.
What devices can you recommed with pain free installation and wide range of functions?
What about additional repeaters (non-USB) in case coverage in far corners of the house is bad?

How do I realise Zigbee-coverage in a remote location like the basement-floor of the house, where I have LAN- and WLAN-coverage through Powerline?
What ZB-device do I need there at least for a Zigbee-coverage? An additional coordinator or some repeater (LAN-attached)?

Is there a way or a need to administer the Zigbee-Network like a standard IP-Network with scanning, security, adressing, etc?

Thanks to all!

Zigbee is a mesh network. You get coverage by adding multiple repeating nodes (generally line powered nodes are repeaters…). You don’t look for a powerful coordinator to blast out signal. It simply doesn’t work like that.

Read the zigbee section of the cookbook for a good start. The Home Assistant Cookbook - Index

Scroll down to zigbee and start reading.

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