Copenhagen - Dec 17

I’ll be in Copenhagen on December 17 and would love to hang out with some Home Assistant developers and users in the evening. Some other core devs will be joining too.

Anyone interested?

Checking for interest now so we can decide what kind of location will work.


I’ll do my absolute best to be there.


So will I!
Edit: I will not be able to after all. Hoping for another time in the near future!


Me too. Just a user but very dedicated

I’l like to join. :slight_smile:

Not a developer but would like to join.

I am in aswell, What is the plan?

Would love to join as well (as a dedicated user)

I’d love to join as well.

I would like to join. Not sure yet if it’s possible… so maybe?

Sounds good - I’m ready! (after work…)

I will be there

Sounds fun, I can join (afterwork pls)

@thomasloven @Bluhme @janushansen @Torbenan @Nicholas_Strang @anderstbl @marton @Skeem @dartfrogdk @AlexKalopsia

We have a plan!

The Copenhagen December 17th event will be burgers and beers (both are optional and at your own expense) at Vesterbro Bryghus. Even though it is called a brewery, underage people can still participate; they just cannot get beer …

The address is Vesterbrogade 2 B, zipcode 1620. This is just a five minute walk from the central station. It can be slightly hard to notice but it is the right-hand neighbor of a Burger King.

We start at 18:00 (6 PM), perfect for grabbing a burger after work. A separate area is reserved for us so we should be able to hear each other talk.

If you plan to join, please let us better predict the number of required seats by signing up in this anonymous poll:


Sounds good! I’ll be there. Looking forward to meet you guys!

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I’ll be bringing Home Assistant and VS Code stickers (which I got from @keesschollaart81)

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Would have been nice to pick a place with vegetarian/vegan options, but I think I might join after dinner. Coming from Malmö, so I’d be late anyway!

Sounds great. I (‘happy enthusiast’) will be there as well.

Awesome! This is gonna be fun!

I’ll be there - as a dedicated user