Copy and paste in the “File editor” is not possible in iOS

Which yaml editor would be good to use from an iPhone?

The “File editor” before called “Configurator” is not good for me.

I can edit but it can’t be copied or paste.

Just add manually.

Do you know any publishers who have the copy/paste option for iOS?

The IDE no longer has support and I haven’t tried it but it seems designed to use with mouse.

Thank you.


The visual studio plugin supports this…

File editor does as well but it’s flakey to say the least…

I just realised file editor works if you use three fingers…

How do you use 3 fingers?

Not really. I can’t bring up the keyboard when using the VSCode addon on my iPad.

Press on the screen using three fingers… :grimacing:

Well duh but what does that then do?

It brings up a menu including copy and paste. Screenshot attached.Maybe try it…