Copy content to clipboard when clicking a card

Hi all,

I want to have a card which allows to copy some data into my clipboard (mainly on home assistant Android app).

The need is to copy to clipboard the content of the input text ‘etsy_link_x’ when clicking on ‘etsy_x’. (Which I update throught a webscrapper script).

Do you think it is possible ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Perhaps if you manage to fire an intent that copies the text from a command notification.
Have a look at command notifications and intents, then try and find an intent that can copy to clipboard.

Hi @Hellis81, thx for your answer, it is a really good idea.

I tried to create such a service but I didn’t managed to make it work without format issue.

service: notify.mobile_app_pixel_6_pro
  message: "command_activity"
  title: "?text:test"
    channel: ""
    tag: "android.intent.action.SEND"

I don’t know if any of parameters are the good one (channel nor tag nor title…) and I can’t find any documentation about it. Have you any idea about what channel or tag or title to use ? I guess it need some type of URI for the title but I don’t know the expected format.

I have no clue. What you posted seems reasonable but I have really no clue at all.

I suggest you move the thread to Android app since I doubt this is something that can be done in frontend.
Perhaps with javascript when I think about it. But I believe that means you need to use the browser then.

Thx for your help, I will give a try on “Mobile Apps” Category.

Here’s how I got it to work.

Use a custom button card and use this:

type: custom:button-card
entity: input_text.notify_last_say
  action: put_anything_here_but_an_official_value
  whatever_literaly: |
      // this is javascript code
name: entity.state
icon: mdi:content-copy

This will work on a HTTPS (secured) site after you give it permission with your browser.

Clipboard permission is disabled by default on Chrome for HTTP (unsecured) sites.
You can change that with a setting:

Hi @OzStone, the solution is nice but you need to be on a browser and being in the companion app is mandatory for me in this case.

Thx for your help