Copy database from pi3 to computer

Hi all,

I use Hassio on a pi3 with MariaDB. How can I get a copy from that database to my computer?

Reason is that computer is faster to analyse the data than the pi…

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Kind regard,

if you’re using the built in DB, it’s a .sqlite file in your config folder. Copy via Samba share or SSH

No I use MariDB, can’t find the DB in the config folder.

Simplest way is using export import via phpmyadmin.

Hi, thank you for your answer. Do you know if there is a tutorial or example for this action?

(Extreem newbie at databases)

Install phpmyadmin ( on your computer,I am assuming you have MariaDB and Apache server already running on it else you may have to install the whole LAMP/WAMP suite to get ready for this and then use phpmyadmin to connect to the db on the pi3 export it to your computer and import it in the MariaDB on your computer.

Ok, will try!

If you use a windows machine (or I think it works under Wine for *nix based systems) I can recommend HeidiSQL If you are logged into both DB’s it has an option to copy the DB from one server to another. It tends to be my go to choice for all thing MySQL or MariaDB.