Hi, every since the update to the Esphome editor when I right click the ability to paste is not there. I have tried with chrome and edge with windows 10 on multiple pcs. Oddly enough when I try via safari from my iPhone the option is there. Any ideas?

That is a weird one… Firstly try updating to the new ESPHome 2022.9.2. It has fixed the editor… also try the commands rather than right click + Copy/Paste… try… “ctrl + C” for copy and “ctrl + V” for paste.

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I have exactly the same problem and I’m on the latest version of ESP Home (2022.9.4). ctrl + C then ctrl + V works. But right clicking the mouse gives me “Go to Definition, Peek, Change all Occurrences, Cut, Copy, Command Palette”, but no paste.

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me too did you fix it

Was there ever a solution to your problem I’m encountering the same thing.