Copy state of an entity to another entity every minute

I’m sorry, i feel like i’m asking a stupid quesiton, but i’m strugeling to understand how to do a simple thing.

I have a integrated a electric car charger via OCPP, and I have the following entity

number.charger_maximum_current, wich can be ajusted to limit the power consumption of the charger ( from 0 to 24 )

I have an energy meter and using Node-red, I calculate the desired amount of power, so its in another entity sensor.nrevselimit, this value is updated every minute with a value between 0 to 24 ).

I just want to put the value of sensor.nrevselimit into number.charger_maximum_current.

Idealy, it should be done only when sensor.nrevselimit change value, or every minute.

How can it be done?

Create an automation with a trigger on any change of the state of sensor.nrevselimit. Put in the action part a service-call (with number.set_value) to set the number.charger_maximum_current.